About Cineflix

Our Vision - Studio

John Schneider’s Cineflix Film Festival provides indie filmmakers unprecedented opportunities for storytellers to be seen and supported by fostering a community to learn, grow, connect, and give back.

CineFlix Fest launches its maiden voyage this fall, the concept is to bring back the word “show” in Show Business, our film festival is a traveling festival.

CineFlix Fest has secured agreements with Exhibitors in several states, and we are taking our 6 to 9 week festival on the road. When a filmmaker is selected to be a part of the competition, the filmmaker will receive awards, however with a new twist, the filmmaker will actually receive part of the revenue stream from the theater, along with a VOD agreement and other ancillary distribution agreements.

Though CineFlix Fest, will promote the festival at each theater, the caveat is the filmmaker is also responsible for placing butts in the seats too.